Answered By: Robert Sebek
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Not really.

We have access to journals for which we pay for a subscription, either individually or as part of a package. This includes over 30,000 journals.

We also have access to journals that come along with certain databases we pay for; journals included in these aggregators change frequently, sometimes daily. Titles are added or dropped from these databases, or the date range included grows or shrinks. These additional journals number over 40,000.

Our collections also include over 100,000 digitized, historic newspapers and magazines

With titles numbering in the tens of thousands, you can see that a printed or online list is not practical. However, you can determine if we have access to a specific journal, or browse lists of journals alphabetically or by topic area through the Journal Title Database. From this page, you can search for specific journals, browse journals by subject, or browse alphabetical lists.

The Journal Title Database will link to the current provider(s) for that journal (publishers or providers change all the time, meaning the URL for a journal can change). It will show what date ranges are available from what source.

If you need an article from a journal we don't have access to, request it through interlibrary loan.

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