Answered By: Robert Sebek
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Unlike downloading articles from ejournals, downloading ebooks often requires additional steps.

Many ebook providers use Digital Rights Management (DRM) to limit simultaneous access to ebooks and limit the amount of time you can use a downloaded ebook. DRM requires the ebook be associated with your personal account with that ebook provider. (If the ebook you are accessing does not offer PDF downloads, it probably uses DRM.)

If you have not previously created this personal account or profile, that will be the first step before you can download the ebook. Look for a link on the login page to create this profile. Once you have a profile and are logged in, you may also need to install additional software for the DRM to work on your computer or device, such as Adobe Digital Editions.

See our ebooks page for details on how ebooks work from the various providers and platforms we subscribe to.

If you want to put one of our ebooks on an ereader like a Kindle, Nook, or tablet device, the process will vary based on the format of the ebook. Most devices support PDFs. Advanced devices will support Adobe DIgital Editions for DRM'd books.

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  1. "Look for a link on the log in page" is not helpful. That's exactly what I need help with.

    Response: The link to create your new profile will be on the login screen for that provider. In other words, to download some ebooks, you must login to that provider's site with the username and password you created, but if you don't yet have that profile, the link to create the profile will be in the same place where you are required to login. The precise details vary because we get ebooks from so many providers.
    by C t on Aug 28, 2019.