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Anyone can come to the Virginia Tech campus and access online resources from within the library. Remote access is a different matter, however. All current employees, emeritus retirees, and currently enrolled students are able to have Off Campus Access to Library Resources.

Success depends on your "affiliation," according to rules established by the university that apply to other privileges besides library access. You can check your current affiliation in OneCampus. Login to OneCampus, search for the Manage Accounts category, and then click on My Profile. It will list your current affiliations. You'll need to see VT-ACTIVE-MEMBER, VT-AFFILIATE, or VT-RETIREE listed under Affiliations to be able to have Off Campus Access to Library Resources. For example:

  • VT-ACTIVE-MEMBER: a person who meets the requirements for vt-student-enrolled (enrolled for the current term) or vt-employee (currently employed faculty or staff).
  • VT-EMPLOYEE-RETIREE: a retiree from Virginia Tech.
  • VT-STUDENT-FUTURE: any person enrolled in a class for a future term at Virginia Tech, which includes Commonwealth Campus students.
  • VT-STUDENT-RECENT: students who have been enrolled in any of the previous four terms (one year), but who are not enrolled for the current term and have not graduated.
  • VT-AFFILIATE: a special case person who is only temporarily associated with Virginia Tech (The BOV has this affiliation).
  • VT-AFFILIATE-TEMPORARY: an even more temporary, special case category.

There is nothing locally the library staff can do to provide remote access if your affiliation does not include that entitlement. We do not have the power to change your affiliation with the university.

Faculty and staff, including visiting scholars and adjuncts, without a VT-ACTIVE-MEMBER status should consult with the person in their department responsible for human resources in order to update their affiliation in the university's Banner system (again, the library has no ability to update your status in Banner).

An explanation of university affiliations is available online.

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