Answered By: Robert Sebek
Last Updated: Apr 16, 2020     Views: 133

There are 2 possibilities:

Blocked by Off Campus Sign In

You have been blocked by the Off Campus Sign In server. You'll know that's the case because you'll see the message "Your account has been temporarily blocked from using Off Campus Sign In automatically for exceeding download limits."

The average user of Off Campus Sign In connected under 50 times in 24 hours. We automatically block users who connect over 4000 times in 24 hours. Our content providers can detect when people are systematically downloading their content, such as downloading every article in a journal or the entire database. We block users on our end before that vendor block can happen. The automatic block will expire after a 1 hour cool down period. If you then continue until you have connected to the system 8000 times, you are blocked automatically for 24 hours.  Again, this system is in place to ensure everyone can access our resources.

Provider blocks

If you don't use library links to resources and instead connect to them directly, excessive use including systematic downloads can result in your individual computer being blocked by the provider. You would see a different message than listed above, or you may just get server errors in your browser. If you have a dynamic address, such as using WIFI, then that block can continue when you stop using your address and it gets assigned to someone else. 

Serious abuse can result in the entire university being blocked from the resource, perhaps permanently.

You would need to contact us with details of your computer, the time of the block, and the resource being used for us to contact the vendor to resolve the issue.

Abusive usage such as systematic downloading to create a personal library of documents such as articles or ebooks, violates our contracts with our vendors and is a violation of the university's Acceptable Use Policy and can result in your loss of network privileges.

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