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These are the four most common reasons for not seeing an article you need:

You have not used Off Campus Sign In or the VPN

If you are outside the campus network, you will be asked to sign into the EZ Proxy service to access the article.  This will let the article provider know you are affiliated with Virginia Tech and will give you access to the article. If using the VPN, be sure to select the option to route all traffic through the VPN (not just to campus servers).

The Get VText sidebar does not work with the article provider

If you can see the Get VText sidebar, but the left side of the screen is blank, it could be the provider does not work with the frames requires by the sidebar. Use the "Click here if you see a blank screen" link at the bottom of the sidebar to access your article a different way.

Your access point is incorrect

We don't always get articles directly from their publishers, or we may get a particular range of dates/issues from another source. Use the Journals link on our home page and search the source title of your article to see where we might have access.

Your PDF viewer is out of date

Some article providers make use of the latest PDF technology which is not compatible with older software. If a PDF is blank or looks weird, it's usually a matter of updating to the latest version of Acrobat Reader or whatever software you use to view PDFs.

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