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The total time a recall request takes depends on several factors:

If the current due date is more than 21 days in the future, recalling it shortens the loan time to 21 days from now. If the due date is 21 days or less, the due date is not changed, but the item will not be eligible for renewing.

In either case, the patron has a few grace days to return the book. This allows time for the recall notice to go out and for books checked out to distance education patrons time to be mailed back.

After this grace period, the patron is fines $1/day for each day the item is not returned. Patrons have been known to accept these fines and keep the book well over the new due date; we have no ability beyond fines and notices to urge the patron to return the book in question.

As soon as the item is returned and checked in, you will receive an email noting the book is now ready for you to check out. If you login to My Library Account, you will see the status of all your requests. Look for a status of ON HOLDSHELF; that indicates a book is waiting at the Circulation Desk to be checked out. If there are no further HOLDS indicated; it should be waiting for you. Recalled books are held for only seven days before the hold expires and the book is either returned to the stacks or is held for the next person waiting.

If additional holds are indicated, you may need to wait your turn before checking out this book as other people have also requested it ahead of you.

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